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Office refurbishment is an easy way to rearrange and modernize your office or retail space. In cases such as a change in the number of employees, or a change of designated use, refurbishment makes it possible to adjust the space appropriately, without the need to find a new office. This is an ideal way to visually refresh your space in a relatively short period of time and without the need for a long overhaul.


Works performed within the scope of refurbishment include:

  • construction works – rearranging existing space by moving partition walls, replacing suspended ceilings, finishing works, etc.,

  • modifications to internal networks – adjustment and modernization of electrical wiring, ventilation and air conditioning systems, lighting fixtures, etc.,

  • interior design – restoration, repairs, repainting of floors and ceilings, selecting appropriate colour scheme, replacement of carpets and certain items of equipment.

Vast experience and excellent quality materials guarantee the highest level of service. In a short time we will change the look of your office – in accordance with your guidelines and aesthetic requirements.